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Amped Up Cocoa

After a week of really perfect weather, actual February temperatures can seem blisteringly cold. It might be nice to warm yourself up with something special – a Mexican-inspired hot cocoa, for example.

february 012

I had planned to share this recipe and technique with you last week, but thought you might not be so interested while frolicking in the sun. But today, I have a feeling you might be more convinced. Lightly spiced, this was the best cup of cocoa I’ve ever had. Period.

I first read about spice-infused milk in Martha Stewart Living. I loved the concept. Basically, aromatics and spice steep in milk to create unique flavors. The infused milk can then act as a base to things like oatmeal, coffee, chai tea or cocoa. While I have only tried the version listed below, I think the possibilities are endless. Continue reading