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Fshion Friday (A Few Days Late): Brocade

So, I had a few computer problems last week, which meant this post on brocade had to be postponed. I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I’d share it today.

Fall fashion is all about opulence this year. Brocade, embellishment and jewel tones made headlines in many of the shows. While the embellished pieces and rich colors are right up my alley, brocade is a bit of a departure for me. When I think of the fabric, I picture old, dated fashion and musty furniture pieces.

In researching this post, I came upon some images that had me rethinking my opinion. The little Zara peplum top and the photo of Jordana Brewster showed how fresh and pretty the fabric can be. While I’m still not sure it’s right for me, I’m starting to change my mind. Are you a fan of brocade?


Fashion Friday: Summer Essentials

Versatile, easy pieces are the key to looking chic all summer long. When putting together a weekend look, comfort is key. Choose items that can go from lazy mornings at the farmer’s market to an impromptu, backyard BBQ. My top 10 pieces will have you ready for summer concerts and trips to the pool. Also, everything shown here is $50 or less.

Summer Weekend Essentials

Fashion Friday: Peplums

Peplums are having a major fashion moment. Need proof? I give you Michelle Williams at the Oscars.

Still not convinced? Here’s Emma Stone looking chic.

Well, now that you’ve seen the photographic evidence. It’s time to think about how to incorporate this glam style into your spring wardrobe. Here are a few wonderful, not so designer pieces that will have you on trend in no time. Continue reading

Red Carpet Recap

While I may not be a huge fan of sitting through award shows, I am very into red carpet fashion. Last night, I made notes as to which Oscar looks were my favorites. Here are my top five. Please note how many are sequined.

1. Mila Jovovich

via InStyle

2. Jessica Chastain

via InStyle

Continue reading

Fashion Friday: Red

If you watched the Emmy’s this year, you most likely noticed the large number of starlets in crimson colored gowns. This happened for two reasons:

  1. Red is a flattering color to wear.
  2. It is a huge trend for fall.
  3. It plays well with others. Think of it with leopard, neutrals, stripes and jeweltones.

Oh, you’d like proof? Let me present Exhibit A.

via Go Fug Yourself.com

How gorgeous does she look?

Well, it’s time to send a huge thank you to the fashion gods for finally offering up a color that actually works on most people. Whether you look better in a blue -based red or an orangey version, sliding on a pair of red flats or throwing on a tomato scarf can quickly add a little va-va-voom to your look. Below are just a few ideas of how you can incorporate red into your wardrobe. For those of you with poutier lips or who have a taste for statement make-up, think of slicking on some of your favorite red lipstick. It will give you the same glamorpuss effect as red heels. Continue reading