Life List

Me, white water rafting. I’m the one in the middle, who is holding the rope

The idea of a bucket list has been around for a while. As a Type A, crazy person, I love a good list, so after seeing Megan’s for several years and reading Maggie’s story, I decided to get in on the action. Here’s my list of things to do before I go. What’s on your list?

    1. Go to NY fashion week.
    2. Take surfing lessons.
    3. See Stockholm.
    4. Start running.
    5. Learn how to speak Italian.
    6. Have tea in London with Ellie
    7. Make homemade pasta.
    8. Watch Ellie graduate from college.
    9. See where I came from and visit Czechoslovakia.
    10. Learn how to make kolaches
    11. See the Grand Canyon.
    12. Eat macaroons at Laudree with Ellie.
    13. Roam the streets of Vienna.
    14. Become fluent in French.
    15. Have a food article published.
    16. Host a Christmas cookie decorating party.
    17. Be tres chic on the Cote d’Azure.
    18. Master the Pimm’s Cup.
    19. Take Ellie to the Nelson Atkins.
    20. See an opera at the Met.
    21. Have a foodie adventure in Brooklyn.
    22. Take Ellie to the theatre.
    23. Buy something fabulous from La Perla.
    24. Wear fancy, designer shoes.
    25. Drive the California coast.
    26. Go to Argentina.
    27. Find my signature cocktail.
    28. See Brazil.
    29. Take ballroom dancing lessons.
    30. See the New England coast.
    31. Rock a Chanel bag.
    32. Eat ribs in Memphis.
    33. Go to Tahiti.
    34. Take a knife skills class.
    35. Go on an island getaway with my husband.
    36. Learn how to play blackjack.
    37. Whale watch.
    38. Pick apples.
    39. Revisit Paris with the husband.
    40. Take Ellie to see D.C.
    41. Redesign my blog
    42. Learn how to oil paint.
    43. Have a seaweed wrap.
    44. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.
    45. Refurbish furniture.
    46. Go on a European trip with the girls.
    47. Listen to country in Nashville.
    48. Throw a Halloween party for Ellie with a haunted house and apple bobbing.
    49. Watch movies in my back yard.
    50. Learn how to frost cakes.
    51. Do yoga every day for a month.
    52. Take a trip to Tanzania.
    53. Shop the markets in Morocco.
    54. Go to a luau in Hawaii.
    55. See a horse race while wearing a wide-brimmed hat.
    56. Drink burgundy wines in France.
    57. Go on a family road trip.
    58. See the Taj Mahal.
    59. Grow my marketing company.
    60. Gamble in Monaco.
    61. Find my signature perfume.
    62. Go on a safari.
    63. Attend a movie premiere.
    64. Master Mexican food.
    65. Fish in Seattle.
    66. Quit drinking pop for a month.
    67. Learn how to take pictures well.
    68. Listen to some jazz in Kansas City.
    69. Take Elliott to Wrigley Field.
    70. Make caramels.
    71. Bake a multi-layer birthday cake.
    72. Host a fancy dinner with wine pairings.
    73. Learn how to design Web sites and use .html.
    74. Drink wine in Portugal.
    75. Go to a talk show taping.
    76. Have a spa weekend with the girls.
    77. Eat my way through North Carolina.
    78. Go to Disney World with Ellie.
    79. Spend some time in Greece.
    80. Fly a kite.
    81. See Canada. Montreal, Prince Edward Island or Vancouver.
    82. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch.
    83. Visit the pyramids.
    84. Master homemade pizza.
    85. Host a champagne brunch.
    86. Take Elliott to KU on Game Day.
    87. Walk the Great Wall.
    88. Learn how to sew
    89. Be a vegetarian for one month
    90. Take a cooking lesson in Europe
    91. Spend some time in Cuba
    92. See the Italian coast
    93. Introduce Ellie to the magic of Christmas
    94. Go backstage of a T.V. show
    95. Help someone achieve one of their 100
    96. Teach a cooking class
    97. Make and keep five goals each year
    98. Take a trip by train
    99. Read one book every month for a year.
    100. Go to Napa and Sonoma with Keegan.

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