Baby Food

cinnrolls 001


  • Steamer
  • Blender and/or Food Processor (I’ve discovered the food processor works best.)
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Baking Sheet
  • Saran Wrap

cinnrolls 007

The Basics

The basics of making baby food are simple. Roast or steam your veggies or fruit. Then, puree them using a food processor or blender. You might need to add water to thin it out a bit. I’ve found after lots of lumpy food that the food processor works better at my house.

Next, take the puree and spread it out into an ice cube tray. Smoothing the top and filling the holes. When it’s cool, wrap it in saran wrap and place it in the freezer. After it’s frozen, pop out each cube and place them in a container or plastic bag. Each cube is a serving size. Thaw and enjoy.

Other Resources

There are a few resources out there with lots of great recipes for kids of all ages. Two that I found and loved are Weelicious (My husband bought me the cookbook written by the author of the blog. It’s really great.) and Smitten Kitchen’s baby section.

Also, before whipping together your own recipes, check out this list of foods babies shouldn’t eat on the Mayo Clinic’s site. But, above all, talk to your pediatrician about any dietary restrictions before doing anything.


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