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Guilty Pleasure: The Judds

I am a Judds fan.

You didn’t know that?

Well, I’m not entirely sure I realized it until a few weeks ago, but it has been confirmed by the four or five “new” Judds song I downloaded to my phone. So, now,  you can see me “rockin to the rhythm of the rain” pretty much anytime.


Guilty Pleasures: Romance Novels

I don’t think we’ve talked about it here, because it’s not something I typically go around sharing with people, but I love romance novels. In my mind, they are the best escape from every day life. When I’m stressed or bogged down, nothing quite like a formulaic romance will take the edge off my day.

Will there be a twist that nearly tears the couple apart? Yes. Will they get together? Yes.

When things feel uncertain, romance novels never do. Two of my favorite authors write female leads who are funny and interesting. I really can’t get enough of Susan Elizabeth Philips and Jennifer Cruisie. Some of SEP’s books were written in the 80’s, and you have to read them for the outfit descriptions alone. It’s pretty fantastic.

Right now, I’m reading an old favorite, who I’ve gotten away from a bit (Nora Roberts). The book is about witches, which makes me disproportionately happy.

In my defense, it is in my genes. I come from two generations of soap opera watching, romance novel-reading  women. My grandma carried a Harlequin romance in her pocket-book everywhere she went.

Here’s a photo of the fourth generation reading her first romance novel. I’m hoping she didn’t read anything too steamy. No one wants to explain that at daycare.

Are you a romance novel fan?


I was one of those people who had been waiting anxiously for Justin Timberlake to come out with a new album. So, when Suit and Tie came out, I wanted to like it. And, I should have. Jay-Z even sang on it.

But, I didn’t. Quite frankly, the lyrics creep me out, which is ironic because I listen to some pretty scandalous rap music and have zero problem with it.

Well, I am pleased to say I am not creeped out about this one. As a matter of fact, I really like it.

Guilty Pleasures: The Carrie Diaries

Those of you who know me or read this site will not be surprised at all that I watched The Carrie Diaries. You might be shocked to hear I thought I wouldn’t like it, because let’s face it this is exactly the sort of show I watch. And guess what? I was wrong. And, you are probably snickering at your desk right now. Because, quite predictably, I liked it.

There, I said it. I fell once again for a CW show geared towards teens. Yep, it’s true.

The commercials made it look sort of cheesy, and I guess it kind of is, but not really. It feels a little like a 80’s movie, which is pretty fantastic.

If you missed it or were also convinced you were too sophisticated for it, I’d suggest you set your DVR to record it soon. The CW is re-airing the pilot tonight, and it would make a perfect lazy day show for this weekend. Otherwise, you can catch it on Mondays.