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Fashion Friday: Inspiration

Last week, my copy of Rachael Zoe’s Living in Style came in the mail. In a few short hours, I had skimmed through most of the book. I liked the content a lot, and there was one thing in particular that really struck me. She talks about identifying which style icons you are inspired by, and then, suggests adding pieces to your wardrobe based on what you see them wearing. It’s simple, sound advice, but I couldn’t think of who I was inspired by. A few names ran through my head, but they never felt right. After some thought, I came up with the following list: Claudia Schiffer, Elle MacPherson, Olivia Palermo, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr.



I gathered photos online via Polyvore and created a board showcasing these ladies in mostly every day clothes. Though I’d like to be, I’m rarely on the red carpet and thought those looks may not be as relatable to my life. Can’t you just see me at daycare in full sequins? After just a few minutes of looking at the photos, there were some things that quickly stood out me.

  1. All of these ladies have similar styles.
  2. A lot of them are wearing coats. I love coats, but rarely throw on a blazer to complete a look.
  3. There wasn’t a single dress in the bunch, but a few skirts.
  4. The looks were largely classic and polished with punched up accessories.
  5. Many of the women wore scarves. I had a scarf phase, but had moved past it. Apparently, I shouldn’t have.
  6. There were several printed blouses and lots of oversized sunglasses.

Overall the looks were really classic, but punched up with cool and trendy accessories. It gave me a new perspective on the kinds of things I should be looking for. Which leads me to this question, who inspires you?


Oscar Fashion

Oscar night is both parts fantastic and frustrating. Every year, I look forward to the red carpet, but then, end up shaking my fist at the T.V. asking them to pan down or show me a dress. I am quite the heckler when it comes to award show coverage. It’s not pretty people.

After looking at the dresses online, I suspect people are going to be pretty conflicted on who got it right and who didn’t. So, before I am swayed by reading too many articles and best dressed lists, I wanted to share my favorites with you.


photos via

Though they are not shown here, I have to say I think the pregnant ladies knocked it out of the park this year. Olivia Wilde’s dress and jewelry were lovely, and I’m obsessed with Kerry Washington’s hair and pout.

Which looks were your favorites?

Spring’s Key Pieces

Key Pieces

Every season, a few pieces emerge as must-haves. This spring is no different. Here are some of trendiest items you’ll be seeing in stores.

1. Crop Top: While I won’t be sporting a midriff bearing crop top, they are very popular again. Now, this is not the full stomach showing version of our past. The chic and toned set are displaying the smallest sliver of skin and making me think I should start doing crunches, like yesterday. Continue reading

Fashion, Fashion

It’s that time of year when I begin wondering what I’ll be wearing next. Despite 30 degree weather, I start envisioning sandals, pedicures and bare legs. As soon as spring fashion magazines are in stores, I start stocking up, comparing trends and making lists.

This year the list of trends I like is really long. Would anyone like to contribute shopping money? No one?

SpringTrends All photos via Vogue

Continue reading

Prints Charming

Peter Pilotto
introduced his capsule collection for Target on Sunday, and it is incredibly chic. The brand’s use of prints is flattering and playful. I picked up a long sleeve tee (shown above) and two skirts.

The t-shirt is sure to be a wardrobe staple. I wore it as soon as I got home. It’s soft and cut similarly to the Prabal Gurung for Target design I picked up last year. It comes in the green shade shown above, as well as a red design.

In general, the skirts are quite pretty, but probably more appropriate for spring. The pencil skirt is really easy to style, but I’m having some difficulties with this wrap skirt. Here are I am wearing it with a simple T-shirt.

The prints are surprisingly versatile and will inject style into any wardrobe. That being said, I wouldn’t overdo it when picking up your favorites. I saw some shoppers with carts full of all the pieces. The designs are great, but most people won’t wear that many patterns in their day to day life. I liked quite a few things, but forced myself to narrow it down. I still think it may have been wise to pick up the mesh sleeve cardi or one of the beach totes, but I digress. Continue reading

Around Here

Things have been really busy around here. I know that is incredibly boring to say, but it’s true. Work has picked up, which is a great thing, but between it and family, I haven’t had much to post here. So, I’m dropping in to share a snapshot of life at our house. I have a lot of other tips and recipes I’d like to share and am hoping to be sending them your way soon, but for now, my hope is that the pictures of the baby will tide you over for a while.

On the 4th, we hit up a petting zoo at Village Fest. Ellie was a huge fan of the goats.

Lately, I’ve been layering bracelets a lot. When I was in elementary school, I rocked more of an 80’s version of this look, and it is still as much fun to wear now as it was then.


The raspberry cheesecake maki at Sama Zama in Westport are delish.

summer2013 136
I planted coneflowers a few years ago, and they never took. Last year, I suspected that I may have been growing them the whole time, because one of my weeds looked suspiciously like coneflowers I’d seen at the nursery. So this year, I let the weeds grow quite tall and waited. I was sure they weren’t flowers, but luckily, I was wrong. These look very pretty alongside my hollyhocks.