Fashion Friday: Inspiration

Last week, my copy of Rachael Zoe’s Living in Style came in the mail. In a few short hours, I had skimmed through most of the book. I liked the content a lot, and there was one thing in particular that really struck me. She talks about identifying which style icons you are inspired by, and then, suggests adding pieces to your wardrobe based on what you see them wearing. It’s simple, sound advice, but I couldn’t think of who I was inspired by. A few names ran through my head, but they never felt right. After some thought, I came up with the following list: Claudia Schiffer, Elle MacPherson, Olivia Palermo, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr.



I gathered photos online via Polyvore and created a board showcasing these ladies in mostly every day clothes. Though I’d like to be, I’m rarely on the red carpet and thought those looks may not be as relatable to my life. Can’t you just see me at daycare in full sequins? After just a few minutes of looking at the photos, there were some things that quickly stood out me.

  1. All of these ladies have similar styles.
  2. A lot of them are wearing coats. I love coats, but rarely throw on a blazer to complete a look.
  3. There wasn’t a single dress in the bunch, but a few skirts.
  4. The looks were largely classic and polished with punched up accessories.
  5. Many of the women wore scarves. I had a scarf phase, but had moved past it. Apparently, I shouldn’t have.
  6. There were several printed blouses and lots of oversized sunglasses.

Overall the looks were really classic, but punched up with cool and trendy accessories. It gave me a new perspective on the kinds of things I should be looking for. Which leads me to this question, who inspires you?


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