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The weather has been bleak, but these dwarf irises are a lovely reminder that spring is around the corner.


Ellie has been making a lot of coffee lately. She spends most of her time running from the table to the bookcase, carrying one piece at time, until everything is just right. “Sit down,” she’ll say and point to a specific point on the floor. She may need to work on her hostess skills.


This movie. So good. As a marshmallow and general Kristen Bell fan, I loved it. See it, like yesterday.


While you’re waiting for great summer produce, consider throwing a little salsa verde on your fish.

Sometimes, we like to go to Great Harvest Bread Company and have bread. As she’s gotten older, Ellie gets to sit in her own chair. As you can see this development makes her immeasurably happy.


I would be remiss in not mentioning Ellie’s new “kitty hat.” She feels quite stylish in this. She picked it out, along with a “circle hat” on her own. Left to her own devices, we would have gotten at least five hats. Like the ladies who came before her, please note she brought her coffee on the walk.


We’ve been eating this fruit salad every week. The recipe comes via Weelicious. It’s the sort of thing I wish I would have known about before having Ellie. An apple and pear are peeled and cubed. Then, 1/4 cup dried apricots and 1/4 cup raisins are chopped. The whole thing is tossed in a little lemon juice – and voila! A healthy, delicious lunch component or delightful snack. It keeps in the fridge for about a week.


Sometimes, she just throws on a purse and says, “Bye, bye.” I’m not quite clear on where she’s headed.


These chicken thighs may not look like much, but they are wonderful. Olives never tasted so good. Also, make the arroz rojo to go with them.


One of the rare nice days we headed outside.


These baked banana chocolate donuts are fantastic and not terribly bad for you either.

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