Spring Wishlist

When I first starting writing this post, I was not suffering from a cold/sinus infection. So, you will see in my first sentence, I sound very brave. One Kleenex box in, I am a little more tentative, but still pretty excited about Spring.


The first official day of spring is today, and it should get ready, because I have big plans for it.

1. Eat approximately 1 million strawberries.
2. Scatter tulips and daffodils around the house.
3. Swing outside with Ellie.


4. Get a pedicure.
5. Find the perfect pair of mules
6. Eat brunch outside.
7. Bake up some rhubarb.
8. Stock up on skirts and perfectly feminine tops.
9. Mix up the perfect sangria.
10. Reinstate big Sunday dinners.


11. Host a ladies tea.
12. Go for walks outside.
13. Find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans.
14. Plant my vegetable garden.
15. Add pots of herbs and cherry tomatoes to my back patio.



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