Spring’s Key Pieces

Key Pieces

Every season, a few pieces emerge as must-haves. This spring is no different. Here are some of trendiest items you’ll be seeing in stores.

1. Crop Top: While I won’t be sporting a midriff bearing crop top, they are very popular again. Now, this is not the full stomach showing version of our past. The chic and toned set are displaying the smallest sliver of skin and making me think I should start doing crunches, like yesterday.

2. Mules: Do you remember mules? I do. I didn’t even realize I’d missed them until I started seeing them again. This is one trend I’ll be picking up. Here, I’m showing an open toe version, but I’ve seen closed toe as well.

3. Baseball Jacket: In pastels, floral prints and fabrics with sheen, the baseball or bomber jacket (they’re very similar) is just one way sporty pieces are looking a whole lot prettier this season. If you’re not in the market for a new jacket, but want to incorporate something sporty into your wardrobe, try something in perforated leather. It is allover the place and looks fantastic at a lot of price points, though it might be “leather” on the mid to lower end of things.

4. Pleated Skirt: Can’t you just see yourself swishing into work wearing one of these? No? Brunch with the girls maybe? Picture it with a mule – Now, we’re talking.

5. D’Orsay Flat: I have a feeling you will soon see me sporting this particular pair of flats all the time, despite the fact that I don’t own them yet. If not this exact pair, it will be something similar. A D’Orsay flat looks great with skirts, dresses, boyfriend jeans and cropped pants. The stylish possibilities are endless.

6. Bucket Bag: Ah, the bucket bag. This is not really my style, but I predict we’ll be seeing it everywhere. Literally, every “It” girl will be carrying one. Young, pretty girls will have them swinging from their shoulders all over town. And then, like clockwork, I will decide that maybe I too need a bucket bag. (It’s kind of amazing how quickly I can change my tune.) So, I suspect you may see one on my arm as well.


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