Fashion, Fashion

It’s that time of year when I begin wondering what I’ll be wearing next. Despite 30 degree weather, I start envisioning sandals, pedicures and bare legs. As soon as spring fashion magazines are in stores, I start stocking up, comparing trends and making lists.

This year the list of trends I like is really long. Would anyone like to contribute shopping money? No one?

SpringTrends All photos via Vogue

Let me start by saying the trends seemed like much of the same at first. I swear I covered these same trends last year (sporty, tribal/exotic, embellished, pastel, romantic, etc). That being said, they feel really different this time. While there are a number of seemingly disconnected trends out there, everything looks really feminine for the most part – and kind of 90’s in the best way (crop tops, bucket bags, birkenstocks, chokers and baseball jackets). Think Kelly Kapowski meets Grace Kelly.

My favorite trends are starred above. I never thought “sporty” would be a trend I’d consider, but it’s making a dressed up appearance that is really cool. And while I won’t do head to toe tribal, I can definitely see myself with a great patterned clutch or shoe.

Which trends are you most excited about?


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