On My Bookshelf

I’ve been a reading machine lately and have three, new recommendations.

The first is Midnight in Austenland, a sort of sequel to Austenland. It’s part romance, part mystery – very dishy. Overall, it’s a light and lovely read.

The second book was recommended to me by the real, Kim K. (Ok, not that Kim, but a much more reliable source where books are involved.) It’s called Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner. It is a suspenseful mystery about a family who is kidnapped. The book is a page-turner. I read it in a weekend.

I saved the best for last. Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple is an incredible book. The tone is funny, but the subject matter is heavy. Basically, a mother disappears and the daughter researches her disappearance. Bernadette’s musings/rants on real life are hysterical, pointed and funny. Pick it up today, seriously.


One thought on “On My Bookshelf

  1. Kim Kardash

    Love Touch And Go, And Also WherEd You Go Bernadette.

    I Also Agree With Your Fall Tv Choices. Way Too Excited For Betrayal. Hopefully Revenge Can Pull It Together.


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