Around Here


Every morning, this is what Ellie wants to do. She rips nearly every book off the shelf and typically shoves several in my direction.


There is something really beautiful about sunflowers with their heads bowed away from the sun.


Since having the baby, Keegan and I have been redefining date night. Our latest incarnation started last weekend. I mixed up these cocktails, and we watched Citizen Kane for the first time. Along with a special drink, we’re having a really great snack. This time it was prosciutto, melon and mozzarella. Our plan is to make our way through the entire top 100 movie list from AFI. Next up is Casablanca. I’ve seen it, but Keeg hasn’t.


Apparently, Ellie feels very comfortable in other people’s kitchens. Consider yourself warned.


This is my new go to snack. It tastes like peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough, but is much healthier than that.


On days that it doesn’t rain, we’ve been taking really early morning walks.


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