Around Here

Things have been really busy around here. I know that is incredibly boring to say, but it’s true. Work has picked up, which is a great thing, but between it and family, I haven’t had much to post here. So, I’m dropping in to share a snapshot of life at our house. I have a lot of other tips and recipes I’d like to share and am hoping to be sending them your way soon, but for now, my hope is that the pictures of the baby will tide you over for a while.

On the 4th, we hit up a petting zoo at Village Fest. Ellie was a huge fan of the goats.

Lately, I’ve been layering bracelets a lot. When I was in elementary school, I rocked more of an 80’s version of this look, and it is still as much fun to wear now as it was then.


The raspberry cheesecake maki at Sama Zama in Westport are delish.

summer2013 136
I planted coneflowers a few years ago, and they never took. Last year, I suspected that I may have been growing them the whole time, because one of my weeds looked suspiciously like coneflowers I’d seen at the nursery. So this year, I let the weeds grow quite tall and waited. I was sure they weren’t flowers, but luckily, I was wrong. These look very pretty alongside my hollyhocks.


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