Fashion Friday


I haven’t written a post for Fashion Friday for a while. First, I had that baby, and my body was so different that shopping wasn’t much fun. Even though it’s still not quite the same, I was really looking forward to talking trends with you again.

Unfortunately, I’m not really feeling much of what’s in stores right now. I don’t care for the cuts, colors or prints. I’ve been able to pick up a few things here and there, but I can’t even find shoes that I want to buy. It’s really bad.


I’m not sure why I’m not really feeling the season’s offerings, because I did like the runway photos I saw. The mod pieces were so chic. I loved the bright colors and interesting global prints. I even liked the over-the-top gladiator sandals. But, I can’t seem to find these items at my price point.


My theory about all of this is the trends and shows were all so different buyers/retailers might be having trouble capturing it. In my opinion, magazines seemed to have a difficult time distilling it. Most had top trends like brights; black and white; pastels; ruffles; exotic; and global. The top trend lists felt somewhat contradictory and vague. Typically, there’s at least one must have piece, print or color. Other than the tall gladiators, they gave us middriffs, summer leather and dresses with cutouts. I mean, how many people can pull those off? Two?


In this season of anything goes, I’m feeling a little lost. I’ve stocked up on basics (shorts and dresses), but haven’t picked up many exciting pieces. Do you have a few must haves you’re dying to get this season?


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