Spring Supper

Last month, it was my turn to host supper club. My turn comes up once a year, and each time, I sort of rack my brain to decide what to make. This time I wanted something feminine and easy that felt like spring.

baptism 056

I settled on recipes I’d made before: Gywnnie’s rotisserie chicken, asparagus, clementine/almond muffins and mustard roasted potatoes. I also decided to try this recipe for rhubarb snackin’ cake that was delicious. You should definitely try it out.

baptism 059

If you want to make this dinner for yourself, here’s the schedule:

The Day Before:
Make the rhubarb snackin’ cake.
Set the table.
Purchase and arrange flowers if you’re putting them on your table.

The Day Of:
Three hours before – Make the clementine muffins.
Two hours before – Preheat the oven and make the potatoes.
One hour before – Put the chicken in the oven.
As your guests arrive – Roast the asparagus.
10 minutes after the start time – Put the potatoes back in and warm them through.


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