Couple of Things

So big news at our house, I’m tackling one of my bucket list items this month. Drumroll, please…..

cinnrolls 113

For one month, I’m going to be a vegetarian.

bunny 023

And people, I am scared.

The thought of doing meatless meals seems really difficult, because for the last 30 years, my meals have centered around meat. My hope is that this experiment will teach me how to think differently about food and incorporate more vegetables, fruits and whole grains in to my diet. I also think it will require a fair amount of planning. So, wish me luck. And, if you are a vegetarian or have favorite meatless dishes, please send them to me. Pretty please. You know, they say it takes a village.

brunch 042

Also, in case you didn’t see it, I’m famous now. Miss Megan included me in her 15 mothers project. No autographs, please.


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