February Funk

So, I’ve been in a little bit of a funk lately.

I know that’s incredibly boring to say, but it’s true.

I’m feeling very blah.

It might be because it’s February, but I’m finding it difficult to get excited about things.

Ironically, this whole feeling has me thinking about Beyoncé. And her half time performance. It was incredible. I look at her and think I bet even Beyoncé has her moments.I bet even she sits at her house, looks at Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, and thinks, “I am bored.” This, Sasha Fierce, glama-rama woman probably has moments where she is uninspired and uninterested.

BEYONCE – SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW from ThinkBreatheLive on Vimeo.

Personally, I think these blah times are great catalysts. After a few days or weeks of it, I think, “Lane, pull it together. Let’s start having some fun.” Just like Beyoncé.

So, while I work my through this period of yuck, I’m trying to keep my eye on the weeks ahead. There are a few things I am excited about. Most of which are wrapped around spring. So, here’s my question. When you’re in a funk, what do you do to get yourself out of it?


3 thoughts on “February Funk

  1. Mom

    pull back, nest, snuggle down, bake, read. try to stay in and enjoy my house as much as possible because when spring comes, i am outside.

  2. Megan Peters (@Crazybananas)

    First of all, can I tell you how funny it was to watch that halftime show with my 70-year-old father-in-law. He just kept scoffing and at one point said, “This is why the Muslims think we’re all going to hell.” It was hysterically Archie Bunker.

    Second, I hear you on the blahs. I got ’em too. Taking things slower has helped. Saying no to unwanted engagements has helped too. Good luck! We should have a girls day this month…I mean, girls day without our girls. A movie and lunch or something…what do you say?!


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