Good Resolutions, A Champagne Brunch


The photos in the post were taken by Miss Megan. Thanks!

This year, I chose five items off my Life List as New Year’s Resolutions. While a few were difficult, I also selected some that would be simple and fun. Throwing a champagne brunch was on my list, and let me tell you, I’ve never been more excited to check a resolution off my list.

There was talk of Kardashians, movies and JT. It was a good day. I have a really fun group of friends.


I had a hard time setting the menu. I usually try to find a balance of sweet and savory, but this time, I chose mostly sweets. I wanted the brunch to feel feminine and girly, so I made:

Despite a few snafus (I wasn’t convinced my French toast was done, so I had to throw it back in the oven after I’d already started serving), everything turned out well. In general, there are a few things I’ve started doing to make entertaining easier. Many of which I learned from the Barefoot Contessa. I made as much as I could ahead of time and set the table the night before.

If you want to make the menu, here’s the gameplan:

  • The scones can be made ahead of time and frozen before their baked.
  • Slice the citrus the day before.
  • The french toast bake can be assembled the night before.
  • The day of, bake the scones first. Then, put the bacon together.
  • Throw the french toast in the oven and assemble the salad about 15 minutes before your guests arrive.

Easy peasy.



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