Guilty Pleasures: The Carrie Diaries

Those of you who know me or read this site will not be surprised at all that I watched The Carrie Diaries. You might be shocked to hear I thought I wouldn’t like it, because let’s face it this is exactly the sort of show I watch. And guess what? I was wrong. And, you are probably snickering at your desk right now. Because, quite predictably, I liked it.

There, I said it. I fell once again for a CW show geared towards teens. Yep, it’s true.

The commercials made it look sort of cheesy, and I guess it kind of is, but not really. It feels a little like a 80’s movie, which is pretty fantastic.

If you missed it or were also convinced you were too sophisticated for it, I’d suggest you set your DVR to record it soon. The CW is re-airing the pilot tonight, and it would make a perfect lazy day show for this weekend. Otherwise, you can catch it on Mondays.


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