Food Project: Tomato Sauce

For years, I’ve read great things about Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce. Each blogger posted rave reviews about this simple sauce, so when I set out to tackle this month’s food project, a tomato sauce from scratch, I knew this was where I had to start.

tomato sauce 001

The sauce has just three simple ingredients: canned tomatoes, an onion and butter. All of which simmer together for just 45 minutes. I cooked mine for about twice that to break down the tomatoes further. The surprisingly simple combination creates a beautiful, fresh and luxurious sauce. And the best part of it is, it requires almost no effort. All you have to do is slice an onion in half. So simple.

tomato sauce 006

I stayed true to the recipe, but ran it through a food processor. The husband is not a fan of tomato texture, so I made this simple modification. We both loved it.

tomato sauce 009

In fact, it inspired enough confidence in me that I’m ready to make this bolognese recipe from The Wednesday Chef. Let’s hope next month’s souffle goes well.


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