Food Project: Cinnamon Rolls

Although I cook a lot, yeast gives me a lot of anxiety. I’m always watching it unsure if it’s doing what it’s supposed to. Did it rise enough? Was the milk warm enough? Is my yeast old? Did I use the right kind of yeast?

cinnrolls 011

For someone who bakes regularly, I’m kind of a hot mess when it comes to yeast.

This last month, I tackled cinnamon rolls, and it was much of the same. Lots of uncertainty went into these rolls, but guess what? They turned out really well.

cinnrolls 021

I used a recipe I found on Smitten Kitchen that is originally from Orangette. With that pedigree, I had a feeling it was a good place to start. Neither of those bloggers has ever failed me.

I made them for our family Christmas, and while Ellie didn’t get to try one this year, I have a feeling she’ll make up for lost time next year. These rolls are going to be a family tradition.

cinnrolls 012

Although the recipe was fantastic, I do have a few notes. First, mine took much longer to rise. Like hours longer. I’m chalking it up to my cold kitchen, but if you plan to make these, give yourself plenty of time. In the winter, I plan to always let these rise overnight.

cinnrolls 013

Secondly, it makes about 18 rolls, which can be a lot to get through. After some research I discovered, you can freeze the rolls either before the second rise or after they’re baked. No matter when you choose to freeze them just wrap them in saran wrap and toss them in a freezer bag. Then, let them thaw in your fridge before you use them and proceed with whichever steps you have left. It’s a great way to stock your freezer with rolls, so you can effortlessly make them for house guests.

For January’s food project, I’m excited to announce I’ll be tackling tomato sauce. Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share?


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