New Year’s resolutions have become cliché – high hopes that are meant to be cast aside within a week. For many years, I didn’t believe in resolutions and refused to make any.

Almost three years ago, I made one. I decided to “be bold.” 2009 had been a rough year, and I was looking for something new. That little resolution had me making big changes and small ones. I started this blog. I went white water rafting. I kept the resolution in the back of my head throughout the year and pushed myself to move outside of my comfort zone. It was tough, but 2010 was a much better year.

Since then, I’ve tried to make a few resolutions each year. And while my resolutions for 2013 aren’t as lofty as they were a few years ago, I’ve decided to knock five things off of my “life list” (and lose 10 pounds, but let’s face it, that one will probably be discarded by next week.)

#7. Make homemade pasta.

#36. Learn how to play blackjack.

#43. Have a seaweed wrap.

#85. Host a champagne brunch.

#99. Read one book every month for a year.

What are your resolutions?


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