Martha, Martha: Wreath

This weekend, I crafted like a crazy person. I think it kind of scared my husband.

Two of the three projects turned out. This is a picture of the garland that did not. Feast your eyes. I think it may have had a few too many flutes of champagne. (Yes, that is really how it hung.)

wreath 028

While my garland was a spectacular failure, the wreath I made is actually really pretty. And if the person who made that “merry” disaster can make it, so can you.

wreath 001 (2)

The whole project cost around $15 and took me about an hour total, if you count the 30 minutes it took for the spray paint to dry.

For this project, you’ll need metallic spray paint, a grapevine wreath, a wide ribbon with no wire and a skinny, unwired ribbon.

Start by spray painting your wreath. Be sure to get the nooks and crannies, evenly coating it.

wreath 001

wreath 002

Then, after it’s dried, tie the wide ribbon on to the wreath. Securing it with a knot.

wreath 009

Begin wrapping the ribbon around the wreath. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

wreath 010

When you’ve made your way all the way around, untie your knot and begin adjusting the ribbon, so it’s more evenly spaced. Now, tie the two ends together, and make a new knot. Take those ends and secure a second knot a few inches down. You’re basically making a giant loop for the wreath to hang from. Trim the ribbon.

wreath 012

Last, but not least. Start winding a thinner ribbon around the wreath in the opposite directions, so that you make pretty x’s all the way around. Tie both ends together and knot the ribbon. Then, trim the thin ribbon, leaving a short tail. Now, all that’s left to do is hang it and enjoy.

wreath 013


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