Christmas Cookies

For the past several years, I have taken a day off of work and gone on a baking bender. It’s one of my favorite traditions, but last year, I knew I would put the brakes on it for a while. While I won’t be dedicating an entire day to Christmas treats, I can’t imagine celebrating the holidays without sugar cookies. We have a party tonight, so I thought it would be the perfect excuse to make a batch.


This recipe from Simply Recipes is my go to (It’s the second one on the page.). For the frosting, I make a simple glaze: a dash of vanilla, powdered sugar and milk.


I, by no means, am a great decorator, so my tricks are a simple glaze and lots of sprinkles. I found pretty, star-shaped sprinkles last year and was excited to use them again.


Instead of my usual, brightly colored cookies, I decided to keep it simple with green and white. Piled on a platter, they look pretty together. Just don’t look too closely at them individually.


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