Winter Wishlist

Lately, the weather has been perfect, 60 degrees and sunny. I’ve been running around town without a coat and talking walks with Ellie. It’s been lovely, but it has kept me from feeling the Christmas spirit. Well, that stops today. My tree is trimmed. The decorations are up, and here’s my official winter wishlist.

If my list doesn’t get you ready for cute boots and stylish scarves, I think this song will do the trick.

1. Drink hot cocoa and make my own mix.

2. Make chocolate bark.

3. Find a great pair of brown riding boots.

4. Introduce Ellie to snow.

5. Upgrade my pajamas.

6. Watch movies curled up on the couch under piles of afghans.

7. Celebrate the holidays with family.

8. Make some holiday decorations of my own, including Ellie’s stocking.

9. Read a few books.

10. Eat my weight in clementines.

11. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch.

12. Spend time with friends.

13. Do a little decluttering.

14. Break out some sparkle (glitter heels, cocktail rings and tops).

15. Listen to some Christmas music.

16. Make sugar cookies.


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