Martha, Martha: Giving Thanks

In November, we talk a lot about giving thanks. And trust me, I have a lot to be thankful for, but sometimes its just as important to send thanks.


I first saw homemade cards on Cupcakes and Cashmere a while ago and was taken with the idea of making my own. I loved how modern and chic hers looked and felt inspired. I wasn’t quite sure how to make a look of my own without stealing her style. After an expensive trip to the Paper Source, I settled on deep teal and pale lavender notecards.

notecard varieties

Choosing stamps was a much harder decision. I thought the small giraffe would be a nice option for baby showers and loved the versatile nature of the other three. I had intended to use some paper I had around the house, but was sucked into the beautiful sheets they had on display. So heavy and rich, the paper feels expensive, and the prints are frame worthy.


With all the supplies piled up on my coffee table, I used the envelopes and cards to trace the inserts. Trace the outside of the envelope on the back side of the paper. Trim in the sides using the notecard as a guide. Then, slide the inside liner down and cut a bit off the bottom. This will save you from having to trim and trim around the inside. Then, simply slide the insert inside the envelope. Use a glue stick to attach it.



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