Whenever I feel a little out of control or off kilter, I go on a full organizational rant. It’s classic type-A behavior, and I always feel so much better after cleaning things up. I came across a pin on Pinterest talking about “40 bags in 40 days.” Basically, you clean one space a day removing a bag of clutter from each. It sounded like what I needed, so I started with my closet, and now, I can’t take my eyes of it.

People, it looks unbelievable. I only removed a few items, but gained a ton of space by using slimline velvet hangers. They are a revelation. They gave me so much space that I could add hanging organizers for my shoes! Which means, they all have spots and are up off the floor!! There’s room for my laundry baskets!!

Am I boring you? Sorry. I think you’ll understand when you take a look inside. Behold.

If you’re in the mood to reorganize your closet, I recommend starting with slimline hangers and other organizational extras.

I picked up a scarf hanger and another one that’s made for belts (also slimline). Having the right tools makes everything so much easier. I also use small plastic containers to hold evening shoes on the top shelves of my closet. A plastic rolling cart holds T-Shirts and a few clutches. A canvas bag contains my dry cleaning, and I have my boots in a basket.

Organizing my closet has given me two unexpected revelations. The first is that I have some pretty cute clothes in there. The second is that everything I own is either black or blue with few exceptions (see above photos). Being able to clearly see what I have has helped me identify my new list of missing essentials. It includes:

  • A great pencil skirt
  • A denim shirt
  • Camisoles
  • Brown riding boots
  • Red or leopard flats
  • Bootcut jeans
  • Colored jeans

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