Guilty Pleasure: House of Eliott

I am currently obsessed with The House of Eliott, an old BBC series from the 90’s. I ordered the discs from Netflix and have been feverishly watching them while I feed the baby. It has all of the things I love:

1. Fashion

2. Period Drama (the 1920’s in this case)

3. London Location

4. Romance

And you can imagine my excitement when I discovered it had three seasons!! (I am completely geeking out.) Here’s the first episode. Try not to be charmed. I dare you.


3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure: House of Eliott

  1. Cathy

    Woohoo! Always a pleasure to find new fans! What a ride you are in for, you’ll *love* it. I would direct you to my HofE Tumblr and Jack & Bea community of Squee, but spoilers abound I’m afraid!


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