Happy Hours: Rosé Wine

Rosé wines are kind of like the carnation of the wine world. Typically dismissed and ignored, they don’t get as much acclaim as their red cousins, and in my opinion, this is pretty unfortunate. Like their flower counterpart, they deserve more. (All of the beautiful photos in this post were taken by Miss Megan.)

Light and fruity, rosés are the perfect wine for bridging the gap between summer whites and heavy, winter-friendly reds. I think they’re pretty wonderful on early fall days when the weather is still warm, but you’re craving sweaters and pot roast. For September, I wanted to give you a list of a few great rosé wines, so I recruited some close friends to sample some with me. I am by no means a wine expert, so I thought it would be best to seek help. I asked everyone to bring a bottle of rosé for under $15 and promised to supply the food.  I came up with a very scientific rating method, complete with glitter tags. As the girls arrived, I asked them to write the price of the wine and its rating on the back of the tag. Then, as we sampled, each girl marked the tag of the wine or wines they liked with a tally mark.

Photos via Megan of http://www.crazybananas.com fame

These were our favorites:

  • Frisk – $12
  • Toad Hollow, Dry Rosé – $11.99
  • New Age – $10.00
  • Pueblo Sol – $10.99

Here’s what I served to go with:


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