Bubbles, My New Boss

The baby, or as I’ve been referring to her, Bubbles,* has been working hard this week to sleep in longer stretches at night. I am forever grateful to her for this. However, she now refuses to sleep most of the day….so my big plans to start blogging this week have been cut short, which kind of kills me, because I actually have a really cool list of topics to cover this month. Please bear with Bubbles and I as we work out this whole mother/baby thing. We’re getting better at it, but trust me, she thinks I still have a lot of work to do.

*I am a terrible mother and have been referring to Miss Pretty as Bubbles, because she is constantly spitting up** and/or blowing bubbles of spit. In response to this ridicule, she spit up all over me and the couch today and then kept me from showering for a while. She is a tough cookie.

**We made the switch to Dr. Brown’s bottles, which have about 8 billion parts. They definitely have improved life around here, but we are not spit up free. If you have a baby with a similar issue, I recommend them.


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