Confession: Call Me Maybe

A huge thank you to Ms. Tara T for sharing this charming video with me. I adore this song and think you will too.


One thought on “Confession: Call Me Maybe

  1. Crazybananas (@Crazybananas)

    This is amazing. I feel like I made this video when I was 16. Well, the Biebs wasn’t in my version. (Actually, he was! In high school I had a friend named Andrew Bieberstein and we totally called him “the Biebs!” He’s super pissed J. Bieber has stolen his thunder.)

    I win for most random blog comment ever.

    Also, one of those kids is in Big Time Rush, the random boy band that Lucy’s obsessed with that I told you about last night okayi’mreallydonenow.


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