Odds & Ends

Over the last few months, my feet have started swelling. In particular, I have completely lost my left ankle, and my once petite foot now resembles a swollen hoof. You might think I’m exaggerating, but when people see it, they grimace. That’s their reaction, which quite frankly is the same as mine.

What this means to me fashion wise is that I can not buy shoes right now. It’s a small problem to have, but I spotted a pair yesterday that I’m dying over. If I can’t get them, someone should. They are so chic.

Perfect right?

I’m also obsessed with these scalloped, eyelet shorts, which I happen to think would look great with the shoes.

For now, I’m consoling myself with something for everyone – lipstick. Are you familiar with Clinique’s Black Honey? It’s been on the market for years and is universally flattering. Recently, they launched a bunch of different “honey” variations. I bought Luscious Honey, a perfectly springy pink that’s sheer enough to be forgiving. Are you an almost lipstick fan too?


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