Fashion Friday: Pastels

via Vogue

One of the huge trends for spring and summer this year is pastels. Designers around the globe marched whispy fabrics and structured silhouettes in mint, pale pick, soft orange, lilac and sky blue down the runway. The results are pretty, dreamy pieces that can best be described as either ladylike or womanly.

via Vogue

Karl Lagerfeld showed his spring collection in a winter wonderland, which had me thinking this is a trend you could start wearing now. How chic does that pink look in snow?

via Vogue

Try adding a light colored, filmy blouse under a blazer or a pop of pale jewelry.

via Vogue

I will add this piece of caution for wearing pastels. Think carefully about how you will add warmth to the look. Choose rich neutrals, flushed cheeks or a berry lip, so that you don’t appear washed out. For the office, these feminine pieces look best when grounded with structured cuts and neutrals. But, if you’re venturing out for lunch with friends, try something feminine and polished like the dress below.

via Vogue


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