It’s entirely possible there’s something in my DNA that gives me a predisposition to love polka dots. The proof is in my family history where our affection for them goes back a few generations. While we all have very different styles, polka dots are where we connect. 

Seeing them scattered across clothes or really anything makes me very happy. So you can imagine my delight to learn they’re “in” this season. But quite frankly, for me, they’ve never been out.

That being said, they’re recent popularity has them cropping up everywhere. I think Kate Spade is somewhat responsible for their widespread presence, and I’m very thankful to the design team over there. (Have you seen her iPhone cases or glassware? Gorgeous.)

Despite their somewhat girlish appeal, polka dots can add a bit of whimsy to serious pieces like blouses or covered up party dresses. Whether choosing something for work or weekend, you can’t go wrong by adding in something dotty.

Polka Dots

ASOS polka dot cocktail dress, $58
Button front dress, $75
GUESS tie front blouse, $89
Zara polka dot top, $60
Polka dot top, $88
Kate spade, $60
Zara, $40
Repetto polka dot flat, $158
Leather clutch handbag, $148
Madewell polka dot scarve, $65
Kate Spade New York ‘Scattered Dot’ Tights, $32


3 thoughts on “Dotty

  1. Sarah

    It is my New Year’s resolution to SERIOUSLY update my wardrobe. It was mucho lacking this year due to me wanting to buy stuff for the house. Waiting to see the sails after New Year’s Eve.


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