Fashion Friday: Midi Skirts

Midi skirts came back on to the season last spring. A retro-inspired look, I initially thought I’d post about them then, but was discouraged by their wearability. For shorties like me, they can chop our legs into small pieces and add weight.

But as many trends do, they grew on me, and I think these new fall incarnations are positively lovely. That being said, consider proportion and volume before picking up yours. For petite ladies, try a shorter version. And for those of you with ample lower halves, think about an a-line with less volume. Refinery 29 offers some great tips on how to wear the trend from last spring, and Who What Wear has an interesting post on slim versions.

Normally when I put together the Polyvore sets for the blog, I try not include photos with models in them, but made an exception for this one. I like how the shots from ASOS demonstrate the versatility of midi skirts.  But, please note all of the MODELS are wearing heels with these, so I would consider this a sign that most of us non-models should do the same.

Midi Skirt

ASOS a line leather skirt
$98 –

ASOS mid calf skirt
$64 –

ASOS flare skirt
$58 –

Below the knee skirt
$69 –

Below the knee skirt
£38 –

TopShop midi skirt
$80 –

Midi skirt
£36 –

Mid calf skirt
$64 –


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