Confession: Housewives on Blast

My love of the various Bravo Housewives is no secret. When I tell you the Beverly Hills season is my favorite, I’m sure you wouldn’t be shocked at all. That being said, I’ve grown a little weary of the show. The yelling, lying and general meanness makes my head spin a bit, and after watching an episode snuggled comfortably in my sofa, I wonder if anyone feels the same way about these ladies as I do. They’re like a pack of hyenas praying on whoever is the happiest, best looking or most successful.

via Bravo

Well, I have to tell you I was thrilled to discover that someone does feel the same way I do. New York Magazine offers weekly blogs breaking down each episode. These insightful posts go beyond a standard recap by offering commentary on each of the women. Reading these makes me feel like someone else has seen what I do, but also the posts often offer information I don’t always catch in each episode (like why Kim might be taking the combination of drugs she’s taking).

via Bravo

I first discovered the blogs when New Jersey was airing. Andrea Siegel’s description of the finale was eloquent and interesting. She wrote, “If there is one thing for which the Real Housewives franchise deserves artistic recognition, it is the patient and immaculate building of a villain,” in reference to Teresa. I mean, that’s some good stuff.

If you’ve never read the blogs before, here’s where you can find the wonderful Beverly Hills posts written by Julie Klausner. Happy Housewiving.


2 thoughts on “Confession: Housewives on Blast

  1. Megan

    I could never watch those shows. They are just sad.

    Just kidding! I totally watch RHoBH, and became addicted when I was home after Tate was born. So it’s really all his fault. And I want Lisa Vanderpump to be my best friend.


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