Fashion Friday: Structured Bags

This season structured bags are back, and while their shape is ladylike and prim, don’t assume the look is. These classic handbags have been reimagined in metallics, bright colors and patterns. That being said, if you’re going to invest in a more expensive version, I’d go with a neutral, because this purse will last you for years. It will be the sort of thing you pull out at a later date and marvel at how well it goes with your wardrobe. Owning one of these is like a guarantee that some day your granddaughter will think you’re über stylish.

Structured Handbags

Kate spade bag, $395
ASOS leather handbag, $73
ASOS clutch handbag, $82
ASOS zipper bag, $55
River Island printed bag, $64
ALDO leather crossbody handbag, $77
Glint silver clutch handbag, $68
Leather shoulder handbag, £59
Kate spade bag, $345
Ivanka Trump shoulder handbag, $95
Oasis crossbody handbag, $70
ASOS oversized bag, $55


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