Christmas Wishlist

Did you know Christmas is just a few weeks away? I’m sure you did, but I only realized it two days ago, which means I’ve got to get started on my Christmas Wishlist fast.

1. Trim my tree

2. Hang stockings

3. Buy Christmas gifts

4. Listen to Christmas music (Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and Eartha Kitt)

5. Catch up with friends

6. Wear something sparkly to holiday parties

7. Watch Miracle on 34th Street and cheesy movies on the Hallmark Channel or ABC Family

8. Wear slippers, constantly (I’ve already started this.)

9. Look for a new scarf

10. Bake goodies and deliver them to friends

11. Spend time with family

12. Drink hot chocolate

13. Find the perfect pair of riding boots

14. Host a cozy dinner

15. Eat lots of soup

16. Make biscuits

What’s on your wishlist this holiday?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist

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  2. Sarah Lyon

    Watching old movies, baking Italian wedding cookies for a cookie exchange, watching Christmas Vacation (my Christmas isn’t complete without a little dose of Clark W. Griswold, III), make more of an effort to wear jewel tones (to work since we don’t have too many holiday parties), and I really, really, really want it to snow!


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