Confession: Nicki Minaj

To some of you, what I’m about to say will be a huge shock.

I don’t really like Nicki Minaj’s songs. In my opinion, she rhymes a lot of the same words and makes references that are often irrelevant (Anna Nicole, really). To me, she’s no Lil’ Kim. But then again, I like my 90’s rap.

That being said Super Bass has been stuck in my head for like three days. And while, I’m not a Nikki fan, I have become a huge fan of Miss Sophia’s. Check her out.

I often think of myself as her blond cousin in the video. We have similar moves.


2 thoughts on “Confession: Nicki Minaj

  1. T

    Lane, I already knew i loved you…but this post makes me realize how much i love you:) I have been watching this video over and over since i saw it on the Ellen show last week….Miss Sophia is due to appear on Ellen this week!


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