On our last day in Venice, we got up earlier than usual to catch the water bus to the airport, and the city was bathed in a rose-colored light. Mostly empty, it’s easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with Venice. With narrow, winding streets leading to quaint squares, it’s easy to get lost here. And, we did, pretty regularly.

While I’m glad I saw Venice, I wish we would have missed the busy season. Cruise ships drop hundreds of passengers into the city each day, making the area we stayed in very congested. That being said, you should still plan to see it, just don’t stay so close to St. Mark’s Square.

By the time we got to Venice, we were pretty tired, so we slowed down quite a bit. You’ll notice my list of tips is shorter for Venice:

  • Start one of your days in Venice early, so you can see what the city looks like nearly empty.
  • Wander a bit off the beaten path. You’ll quickly see why Venice is so charming.
  • Have a Bellini at Harry’s Bar, the founder of the drink. We had ours in the dining room and dropped more cash then we expected. I would suggest that you have yours downstairs, unless you’re in the mood for a fancy dinner.
  • Take a vaporetto (water bus) around the canal at night.
  • Cruise to the island of Burano. The primary colored buildings have an island feel that is completely charming.
  • Check out St. Mark’s Basilica and take a look around the square. When we saw it for the first time, it was partially covered with water.
  • As you walk along the canal, keep an eye out for the hidden garden shown below. It’s called the Royal Garden and is the perfect antidote to the crowds. Little red benches line manicured paths. You can find it along the canal near San Marco.

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