Fashion Friday: Shopping List

Every season, I put together a list of clothes I’d like to stock up on, and this season is no exception. Some of the items on my list are trendy, but for the most part, you’ll see a lot of classic pieces. With the season’s focus on separates and my recent closet clean out, I’m looking for items that take me from year to year.

  1. Textured and/or colored tights
  2. Jewel toned or printed blouses, lots and lots
  3. A pencil skirt
  4. Riding boots
  5. Boyfriend jeans
  6. New skinny jeans (mine are cashed out)
  7. A cape
  8. Trousers for work (I’m down to two pairs)
  9. Snake ring
  10. A leather jacket
  11. Bootcut or flare jeans
  12. Great blazers
  13. A-line skirt
  14. Lace-up booties
  15. Ivory, lace top
  16. Chambray or denim button down
  17. Heavy sweater coat
  18. Snakeskin shoes
  19. New white button down (The fit of my old one wasn’t right.)
  20. Navajo prints
  21. A red dress
  22. Color-blocked heels
  23. More polka dots
  24. Faux fur
  25. High-heeled loafers

Now, I just need someone to sponsor my shopping. Any takers?

What are you excited to pick up for fall?


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