Accessories Report: Snakeskin


I first started wearing snakeskin in college. I had a pair of stappy sandals from Wal-Mart that I wore everywhere (primarily to the bars). Years later, I picked up a pair of snakeskin slingbacks that I also wore all the time (mostly to work).

That’s the thing that’s funny about snakeskin. For being a pattern/texture, it’s very versatile. It can add an edge or polish to an outfit, and when done in neutral colors, it goes with everything.  Really. Picture the wide belt wrapped around a jacket, cardigan or your favorite dress.

That being said, it doesn’t mix well with other reptilian patterns. Stay away from head-to-toe snakeskin, a not so chic combination. Instead, try punching up your daily uniform by adding just one snakeskin accessory.


One thought on “Accessories Report: Snakeskin

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