Watermelon + Lime

A good friend told me about a little dish she likes to make for showers. It’s so easy you can’t really call it a recipe, but the mere suggestion of it has been rattling around my head for over a month.

I’ve been waiting for good watermelon. And finally, I bought one.

The dish is simple: cubed watermelon tossed with lime zest and juice. That’s it. The magic of this simple side is how well the flavors develop as it sits, which means you can make it for dinner and continue to eat it with lunch over the next few days. 

I believe she tosses mint in her’s, which is probably delicious and would make this more appropriate (i.e. prettier) for a shower. However, if  you don’t have mint or in my case, are feeling to lazy to go outside in the 100+ degree temperature to pick it, don’t worry about it. It tastes great without it.

Lindsey’s Watermelon With Lime

1/2 of a watermelon*

1 lime, zest and juice

Cube the watermelon, removing the rind and white parts.

Add the zest from the lime. Then, squeeze in the juice. Toss together. At this point, feel free to sneak some pieces out of the bowl. Store whatever you don’t eat  in the fridge. The flavors will get better as it sits.

*Choosing a Melon

When picking any melon, look for one that’s small in size, but heavy. If it’s sliced in half, choose one that is darker and slightly wet looking.

With canteloupe and pineapple, smell the rind of the unsliced fruit. If it smells like a pineapple or canteloupe, you’re good to go.


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