Perfectly Easy Margaritas

A few years ago, we threw a birthday party for my Grandma. Family flew in from out-of-state and while we hung out at my parents’ house, my Uncle Steve made margaritas. They were unbelievably good, but fairly complicated. He’s a precise man and all of his hard work paid off. After watching his efforts, I got the recipe and then, never made them. You see, I am many things, but a precise mixologist is not one of them.

Lucky for me, being lazy can pay off.


As you may have read here, I’m in a Supper Club. Two months ago, Melissa hosted a Mexican dinner. There was guacamole and delicious enchiladas, but more importantly, there were margaritas – absolutely delicious margaritas. When I asked how she made them, she rattled off a recipe that was largely developed by tasting as she went. She used pre-made margarita mix, lime Perrier and fresh limes. The lime juice and Perrier cut the sweetness of the mix leaving you with a taste that is refreshing and not overly sweet.

And then, I waited for a chance to make them. Do not wait like I did. Make them tonight.

Perfectly Easy Margaritas

Serves four thirsty ladies

5 c. Margarita mix with alcohol – I used Jose Cuervo Gold, because it was the more expensive option at my liquor store. I think anything would work, but remember, really cheap tequilla is deadly. Moderately cheap is fine for this.

2  1/2 c. Perrier with Lime

3 limes, halved.

In a pitcher, add the margarita mix and Perrier. Squeeze each lime into the pitcher and then drop it in. Stir. Serve over ice. You could easily salt the rim by rubbing lime juice around the edge and dipping it in salt, but if you’re feeling lazy like me, don’t worry about it.


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