Summer Shadow

The weather here has gone from 60 to 90 degrees in a matter of days. In an attempt to keep my make-up from sliding down my face, I started looking into some heatproof options. I read a few places cream eyeshadow is a good solution to summer temps, and so this weekend, I picked up some Aqua Cream shadow from Make Up For Ever in Warm Beige* (No. 13)  and Brown Satin (No. 14).

I’m by no means a makeup expert, but I do have very oily skin. Typically, my shadow tends to settle into a thin line in my crease. For the first time in a while, my shadow mostly stayed put. The little bit that had started to cake was still creamy enough to smooth out.

The Make Up Forever Web site has “How To” information along with their products, which is really helpful. In an effort to find more tutorials, I came across Pixiwoo. They do makeup reviews and have a You Tube channel full of tutorials. It’s a great site that I wish I would have stumbled upon sooner. In the video clip below, they’re showing how to do waterproof makeup, and the aqua creams are featured in it.

If you don’t want to take my word or Pixiwoo’s that this product works, then you should probably know that Britney likes it too.

*The warm beige can also work as a brightener/highlighter. I applied some to the corner of my eyes and just above my cheekbones.


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