Fashion Friday: My Spring Must-Haves

Each season, I make a list of the items I’d like to pick up while out shopping. Typically, it’s on a sheet of notepad paper shoved into my purse or carried around in my planner. I do this to keep my purchases on track and avoid coming home with a 30th knit dress. It doesn’t always work, but I’m hoping this blog will help keep me focused as I make my way through the stores.

My Spring Must-Haves

  1. Long boyfriend cardi
  2. New leopard closed toe pumps
  3. Studded heels (There’s a specific pair I wanted that are nowhere to be found now.)
  4. Chambray or denim top
  5. Wedges
  6. French-inspired striped tee (Like this one, but less expensive)
  7. Ivory lace top
  8. Swingy printed skirts
  9. Cocktail rings
  10. Tribal necklaces
  11. Tailored black ankle pants
  12. White cotton blazer
  13. Bright handbag, preferably a small crossbody or a clutch
  14. Ladylike dresses
  15. A maxi dress (if I’m not too short)
  16. Long, drop earrings

What are your fashion must-haves for Spring?


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