A few weeks ago, I mentioned the new “it” Chanel nail polish color was Black Pearl. I was right about it being a hot new color, but after some serious hours of research, I’m pleased to report that basically any color goes this Spring. Shades of pink, yellow, blue and green have all been seen on the carefully manicured hands of starlets.

Nail polish is a really accessible way to update your look. I gave most of the colors a test drive and found some pretty options. Take a look at some of the colors I found.*

As seen left to right:

  1. NYC, Taxi Yellow Creme
  2. Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails Extreme Wear, Mint Sorbet (This is just one possible shade of green. I’ve seen lots of great forest green versions.)
  3. Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, Brisk Blue
  4. Essie, Sand Tropez (This pretty nude could be classified as “greige,” grey + beige.)
  5. Revlon, Valentine
  6. Sonia Kashuk, Jammin
  7. Essie, Nice is Nice (This is a really pretty lilac, but deep purples are also on trend.)
  8. NYC, Times Square Tangerine Creme
  9. Essie, Chinchilly
  10. Essie, Dive Bar

There are some great pointers here on how to give yourself a good at home mani, and below, I’ve included my tips for trying out bold nail polish:

  • Wear your fingernails short.
  • Clean up the edges. (You don’t even want to see a close up of my paint job on the blue nail.)
  • If you work in a professional environment, you might want to leave the brighter colors for your toes.
  • Don’t match your toe nail color to your fingernails.

*Something tells me I shouldn’t quit my job to become a manicurist or a hand model.


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