Wish List

Spring is my favorite season. It can be a bit temperamental, but for me, there is always such unexpected and sudden joy when the sun comes out. This week, I’ve composed a wish list of things I’d like to do this Spring.  

Spring Wish List

  1. Have lunch outside with friends.
  2. Plant vegetables, herbs and flowers in my garden.
  3. Eat strawberries. And shortcake. With homemade whipped cream.
  4. Read a book on my patio.
  5. Take a walk outside.
  6. Host a brunch.
  7. Explore the farmer’s market.
  8. Put potted plants on my front porch. Right now, I’m thinking pansies.
  9. Have friends over for an afternoon BBQ.
  10. Add bouquets of tulips to my dining room.
  11. Pick up some new dresses.
  12. Paint my toes.
  13. Make this bread and this.
  14. Whip up a batch of granola.
  15. Buy a pair of wedge heels, preferably nude.

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