Christmas Cookies

Every year, I play elf. I spend an entire weekend baking treats and then, package the results in simple boxes tied with pretty ribbon.The formula of baked items is always tweaked, and this year was no exception. Instead of adding candies, I decided to cook in my comfort zone. I prepared only cookies. Candies stress me out, which is not very Christmas-like if you ask me. At the end of the day, I was dead tired, but happy with the results.

Cookie Box:

  1. Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip
  2. Sugar Cookies
  3. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
  4. My Mom’s Snickerdoodles
  5. My Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
  6. Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies (I pulled this one from the new Martha Stewart Holiday Cookie Magazine.)
  7. Lemon Sugar Snaps (Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook)
  8. Gingersnaps (Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook)

Pretend you can’t see the fingerprints my hands made. Let’s keep that our little secret.


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